About Dr. Krupp

   For 62 years Dr Krupp has been living his passion. teaching.  In over six decades as an instructor, utilizing blackboards and a slide rule to the computer and the internet, from Saudi Arabia to Alaska, in universities and in prisons, he has amassed an incredible number of personally taught students.  The numbers would be greater than the current 12,000 if we could count the individuals that he has inspired via PBS television.

   He has been recognized many times.  Recently, he received Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University's Worldwide Teacher of the Year Award (2008).  However, he still felt he needed to accomplish more.

   Thus, he took on the most demanding of all his educational endeavors, teaching his six year old granddaughter and nine year old grandson the marvels of science and the beauty of our Universe.  Come join them on their stroll through the Cosmos! 

Testimonials and Reviews!

“I found these books to be awesome! They have great pictures that interest all of my kids and the experiments are really cool!”

Ava E., Florida


“We love these books! The experiments are fun and easy and my children love them. The story keeps the information flowing and interesting."

Tricia D., Colorado


“Book 3 is my favorite! I loved

trying out the experiments and

even playing a secret song! I can't say what it is, you'll have

to read the book. Very fun!”

Henry B., Florida